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Downtown Carrollton 1876


  My wife and I have been a part of the Carrollton community for some time now, which has allowed us the privelege to see it flourish. Even with this remarkable expansion, it still seems as though the heart and diversity of this town is most evident throughout the historic Square in which it all originated.  An eclectic choice of cuisine, entertainment, retail, and leisure is at your disposal. However, we kept thinking something was missing. The answer was Pizza! We reached out to our family, friends, and the community itself for thoughts and ideas. Everyone seemed thrilled about having an authentic Italian Pizzeria on the Square and now here we are. Our ingredients are fresh, our staff is hospitable, and our prices are fair. There is pride in every pie that comes out of our brick oven, and our gratitude for allowing us to form a part of what brings such charm to the Square, is never ending. We hope to be able to serve you, your family, and friends.


Downtown Carrollton 2013
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